Unconventional Reservoir Engineering Project

Current Projects

PROJECT 1: Flow and Transport of Hydrocarbon Fluids in Nano-Porous Reservoirs

Develop a more comprehensive understanding and perception of flow and transport in nano-porous reservoir rocks to form the basis of unconventional reservoir engineering tools and practices. Understand mechanisms associated with n-pore size environments

PROJECT 2: Fluid Transfer Between Nano-Porous Matrix and Multi-Scale Fractures

Define the interface conditions and fluid transfer mechanisms between nano-porous matrix and fractures to more realistically account for the contribution of ultra-tight, unconventional rock matrix

PROJECT 3: Production from Tight,Fractured Formations in Close Proximity of Source Rocks (Liquid-Rich Reservoirs)

Define and model the support of source rocks on production from contiguous fractured formations for the analysis and prediction of production from liquids-rich reservoirs

PROJECT 4: Simulation of Flow and Transport in Fractured Nano-Porous Reservoirs

Progressively incorporate the results of the UREP research projects and new findings into a numerical unconventional-reservoir simulator developed by NITEC

PROJECT 5: Analysis and Prediction of Well Performance in Unconventional Reservoirs

Develop and improve models and interpretation methods for pressure- and rate-transient data and long-term production performance to help reservoir management

Completed Projects

The following is a sample list of the relevant research completed by the project group:

  • Analysis and Evaluation of Horizontal Wells in The Bakken Shale of North Dakota and Montana
  • Analytical Trilinear Pressure Transient Model for Multiply Fractured Horizontal Wells in Tight Shale Reservoirs
  • New Coupling Considerations Between Matrix and Multiscale Natural Fractures in Unconventional Resource Reservoirs
  • Effects of Pressure-Dependent Natural-Fracture Permeability on Shale-Gas Well Production
  • Semi-analytical Pressure Transient Model for Complex Well – Reservoir Systems
  • Reservoir Study of Cupen Mahuida Field: Phase 1 – Analysis of Pressure Transient and Production Data for Cum – X1 Well
  • Wasatch-Mesaverde Reservoir Characterization